MAC Panel is a world leader in innovative, high performance, value adding connectivity solutions. As an innovator in the field of high performance connectivity for automated test applications, we have been successful in reducing the overall cost of test for our customers. MAC Panel's advanced mass interconnect solutions have had outstanding success with major government defense contracts as well as with leading automobile, commercial aerospace, and biomedical programs. Whenever customers are building critical test equipment, our high reliability, high performance, modular and scalable solutions have been an integral part of a successful test strategy.


The SCOUT PXI interconnect solution designed to maximise performance potential of the PXI platform at the ATE interface. The device features DAK (Direct Access Kit) connectivity, enabling system designers to limit or eliminate traditional instrument cables by replacing them with DAK connection modules that utilize PCB, flex-circuit, or short-wire connections.
The SCOUT Express offers users unprecedented scalability through its highly configurable modular design. The interface can be completely modified to suit various applications with minimal system design. This brings true system scalability to the factory floor as never seen before in ATE systems.
The APEX connectors are designed to provide optimum performance in small I/O test and measurement applications. Compared to the typical molded plastic alternatives their modules are strong, stable, and perform tasks more efficintly. Their aluminum backshells are designed to withstand the harsh enviromants of real-life applications. APEX offers a variety of configurations, offering HD signal, coax, and power options. Image
The TITAN Traditional Mass Interconnect sets the standard for performance, configuration modularity, and long-term reliability. It has been designed to offer exceptional configuration flexibility for use with any ATE platform and offers unparalleled I/O density coupled with a selection of contact types available. The TITAN comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate most test-type architectures and modules that support a wide variety of signal types including HD signal, power, coax, and pneumatic. Image
CTI came about as a result of a DOD initiative to develop an Automated Test System (ATS) hardware/fixture interface that would standardize the footprint and assure mechanical and electrical interoperability between past and future ATS. It consists of a core unit of 4 slots up to 26 slots in a combination of 4 – 4 – 14 – 4 segments.
CTI Features:
  • Conforms to IEEE 1505.1 Specification
  • Scalable from 4 to 26 Slots
  • Power up to 23 amps, Signal up to 3 amps and Micro-Coax to 3 GHz

MPX brings together the field proven performance, modularity and reliability of our popular Mass Interconnect systems in a package suited to rack and panel applications in the most demanding of environments.
Cursomer benefits & Features:
  • Durable, Rugged Design – Rated for 20,000+ Mating Cycles
  • Combine Signal, Power and Coax I/O
  • Easy Engagement / Disengagement
  • EMI Shielding as Standard
  • Custom Module Configuration Available
The Series 08 Interface System is built to meet the rigorous standards of the U.S. D.o.D. and will meet all of your Test Program Set (TPS) development needs.
Series 08 Features:
  • Highly Configurable Module Combinations on 0.8 inch Center
  • Standard and Custom Enclosures Available
The MAC Panel Series 75 Interface System has set the standard for the ARINC 608A, F-22, and many Agilent test stations.
Series 75 Features:
  • Ideal for VXI and GPI Applications
  • 21 Highly Configurable Module Positions for Densely Populated Test Systems
  • 0.75 inch Module Centers
  • Modules Accept Signal, Power and Coax – up to 40 GHz
  • Available in 5, 10 and 21 Slot Configurations
Series 120 is designed specifically for VXI applications. The connector modules are on 1.20″ centers, providing a 1 to 1 match with VXI instruments.
Series 120 Features:
  • Available in conventional wired configurations or using DAK technology to minimize cabling
  • Connector Modules are designed on 1.2 inch centers providing a 1 to 1 match with VXI instruments

MAC Panel provides modular interconnection products for an enormous range of customer requirements. These range from a Apex connector with a few low current signal connections to large multi-tier systems accommodating thousands of different signals which can include a diverse combination of low and high current, RF, pneumatics and thermocouple measurements.

Mass Interconnect

Mass Interconnect is typically used in electronics test and measurement systems to provide a versatile connection between system instrumentation and the device under test. Mass Interconnect is modular, rugged, and can be thought of as a large and highly configurable plug and socket.

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