Chroma ATE Inc. is a renowned manufacturer of test and measurement equipment. They offer sophisticated precision test and measurement instrumentation, automated test systems, intelligent manufacturing systems, and test & automation turnkey solutions.

A few of the markets Chroma serves include those in Semiconductors, photonics, LED, photovoltaics, video and colour, flat panel displays, power electronics, passive components, electrical safety, green batteries, electric vehicles, thermoelectrics, automated optical inspection, intelligent manufacturing systems for ICT and cleantech industries.

Chroma is a leader in the technology industry using cutting-edge techniques in testing and measuring the quality of its client's products using the most innovative tools with the goal of making them better, more efficient, and ultimately more successful in the market. They are committed to forming open partnerships in order for them to provide products that fits the needs of their customers.


Chroma's semiconductor test systems satisfy all SoC needs by providing a wide range of functions such as high-speed digital testing, high-performance power source, high fidelity and low noise mixed-signal testing, CMOS image sensor testing and true wireless stereo & radio frequency testing. They have also developed a series of PXIe instruments and software, to drive all your semiconductor innovations. Image
Chroma provides precision instruments such as laser drivers, photodetector monitoring, and temperature controls. These lab-class instruments are often integrated into production solutions for water probe tests, burn-in, and device or module characterization then strengthened with inspection, metrology, robotics, and other technologies. Image
Chroma's passive component test solutions include the instruments, systems, and automated test equipment required for production and reliability testing on various passive components such as inductors, transformers, capacitors, and resistors. They can also be used to measure the LCR and insulation resistance parameters. Image
Chroma's electrical safety test solutions include instruments for measuring AC and DC withstand voltage, insulation, ground resistance and dynamic leakage current all of which are required by electronic products and parts. Image

Chroma's test equipment for flat panel displays includes standard signals, power supplies, and highly integrable software. Image
Chroma offers a wide range of Power Electronics Test Instrumentation including, AC Power Sources, DC Power Supplies, DC Electronic Loads, AC Electronic Loads, Digital Power Meters, and Automatic Test Systems suitable for testing PC/Servo/Telecom power supplies, adapters, chargers, backlight inverters, LED power drivers, UPSs, PV Inverters, and EV chargers. Image
Chroma's Energy Storage System (ESS) can reduce the unstable energy harvested from renewables which can impact grid stability. ESS is crucial for the development of smart grids and microgrids in balancing the power load, steadying the power supply, and stabilizing the power quality.
Chroma's Power Conversion System (PCS) is used for the bidirectional conversion of electrical energy connected between the battery system and the grid and/or load.
Chroma's video pattern generators are equipped with multiple graphic cores and a versatile modular design, supporting various standard signals and test images.
Chroma's colour analyzer tests screen colour, luminance, flicker, and uniformity, while adjusting white balance. Our test equipment is used in research, development, and production lines, providing a comprehensive and automated display testing program.

Chroma's Battery cell test solution consistes of test instruments, automated logistics, and manufacturing information management. Their entire process of battery cell formation is integrated into a line by transfering the battery cell to each test station for automated barcode binding, charging and discharging, OCV/ACR/DCIR tests, NG selection, AOI, and grading. Image
Chroma's Automated Test Systems for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles consist of standard test platforms that are combined into one expandable test system capable of testing the power components in an EV's power system. Compared to specialised test equipment developed for a single EV model, Chroma's system is more versatile. Image
Chroma has developed a comprehensive range of Photovoltaic testing and production equipment to satisfy the test requirements for cell and module processes in solar cell testing. Image
Chroma provides Automated Optical Inspection solutions equipped with high-resolution optical imaging, multifunctional light sources and in-house developed white light interferometry. When integrated into a high-speed automated production line, the AOI solutions can perform accurate and reliable defect detection, colour analysis, and sub-nano 3d profile measurement by combining innovative algorithms and AI analysis. Image

Chroma provides LED testing solutions such as programmable AC and DC Sources, high-precision Power Meters, and LED Load Simulators specifically designed for LED power drivers. They can also supply Automated Test Systems suitable for R&D, QA qualifications and mass production. Image
Chroma's PXI and PXIe platforms offer open industrial standard testing while maintaining small size, modularity, flexible configuration and high accuracy. Image
Chroma has developed RF & Wireless test solutions including RF recorders, LTE/Wi-Fi/BT factory testers and IC ATE testers. Image
Chroma specializes in integrated and fully automated turn-key electronic test and manufacturing solutions for technologies including semiconductor, optoelectronic, solar cell/module, and battery formation, test & grading production solutions. Image