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Avionics Interface Technologies (AIT) is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance flight modules, test and simulation modules, embedded solutions, databus analyzers, and support systems for both the commercial aerospace and defense industries. Our field-proven modules support MIL-STD-1553A/B, MIL-STD-1760E, ARINC 429, ARINC 615A, Combination MIL-STD-1553/ARINC 429, ARINC 664, and Fibre Channel.

AIT has gained the reputation for having the most technologically capable products with quick delivery times, high reliability, and unprecedented support. Our wide market acceptance stems from quality products and services worldwide. Expert pre- and post-sales technical support comes as part of the AIT solution. Our direct AIT offices, in cooperation with our network of qualified representatives, provide optimized in-country service and support for all your avionics flight, test, and simulation requirements.

Comprehensive Support for High Speed Networks & Legacy Bus Technologies

Depot and Operational level testers must be capable of supporting a wide range of testing capabilities. To accomplish this it is essential that ATE systems are capable of supporting both the latest high speed avionics technologies as well as legacy interfaces which remain relevant as aircraft system life cycles continue to be extended.

Common Avionics Network & Bus Protocols


AIT provides comprehensive support for both the latest and legacy avionics interface technologies with instruments supporting Ethernet (10Mbit/s to 10Gbit/s), ARINC 664, Fibre Channel, MIL-STD-1553, and ARINC 429.

Avionics Instruments for the Latest High Speed ATE Platforms

As the data rates and bandwidth requirements for avionics systems continue to increase, the test engineers challenge of designing ATE to support the demands of today, and tomorrow at a reasonable cost becomes increasingly difficult.


The ATE systems of today require:

To meet these requirements, ATE designers are increasingly turning to PXI Express based platforms, and we are ready to support this with a wide range of avionics network and bus test instruments for PXI Express.

Avionics Instruments with Long Term Support

Our focus is the defense and aerospace industry, so we understand the importance of long term support and obsolesce mitigation. In addition to providing instruments for the latest ATE platforms like PXI Express, we continue to offer instruments for legacy platforms such as VME and VXI. And we will continue to provide these instruments well into the future.